intention, intuition & imagination

My specialty is working at the intersection of strategy and style to help organizations and individuals untangle complex problems.

Whether you need a plan for how to move from idea to action, or supportive accountability from your new favorite “friendtor”, our work together can truly expand your impact.

My Expertise

Condensing, summarizing & messaging aka “Finding the story”

Hearing and naming what’s not being said

Asking the right questions

Authentic connections

Creating and implementing systems and processes

Private Retreats

Combining my love for design, strategy and convening purposeful spaces, join me for a VIP experience. With a strong process to develop pre-defined goals, we’ll make great use of our time and you’ll walk away with a laser focus on your goals and a clear path to get there.

Coaching, Strategic Planning and/or Facilitation

If you’re clear about your goals, I can help you lay out a plan to achieve them. Start, grow or scale with the support you need to clarify your thinking, get out of your own way, and see measurable progress. 1-on-1 or with a group.

Alison planned and designed a full-day strategic retreat for us to identify the key actions to accomplish our marketing and communications goals. She created thoughtful questions in advance of our session, coached me through the responses during the meeting, identified themes and patterns and prepared a high level strategic plan to guide my actions throughout the year. I left the day feeling energized and with clarity; more importantly, one year later, I am still using the plan as an anchor for my work. 


Tracy Dunbar
Founder/Lead, HR ReDefined