Welcome to the Show Notes for The Framily Meeting Podcast.  If you’ve made it here there’s a good chance you want to know more about something you heard on our show.  Well…you’ve come to the right place!  Just click on the link for the episode you want, and it will take you straight to our show notes.  In each set of notes, you’ll find a breakdown of our episode and links to any music, books, news or pop culture we reference in our show.  You can also find Stan & Alison’s social media info!  Enjoy & thanks for listening to the Framily Meeting.

Season 1

Episode 1- Framily: The Kinships We Choose

Episode 2- Place: The Space Where We Are

Episode 3- Belief: A Core to Who We Are

Episode 4- Learning: How We Know What We Know

Episode 5- Consciousness: How We Understand the Reality We Experience

Episode 6- Memory: Making Sense of Our Past Experiences

Episode 7- Wellness: Taking Care of Our Whole Selves

Episode 8- Design: Season Final