Creative Retreat

Dedicated time to THINK, PLAN & EXECUTE in a beautiful space among other women entrepreneurs.

February 2022

miami, fl

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Applications* to join will go live in the fall of 2021. Get on the list to hear the latest and apply as soon as you can!

* Participants will be choosen via a simple application process in order to ensure everyone in the space is able to contribute to the group and to keep the group to a cozy size that enables true connection.


I created this space because it’s what I needed! Being an entrepreneur can be very isolating AND it can be hard to shift from DOING your business to GROWING your business. Somtimes, to see your way forward, you just need a clear head, an empty to do list and the company of like-minded entrepreneurs. This retreat is the escape you need to figure out/work on/build whatever is next for you.
The Power* Love* Sound Mind* Creative Retreat is a space for women to come together to work individually and collectively to meet their goals.

It will give you structured work time to think, plan and execute your ideas. Other attendees will be the same as you and different from you in various ways and there will be time to work both alone and together. Depending on when you arrive, this can either be a 4-day retreat (arrive Sunday, work Monday-Thursday, leave Friday) or it can be a 2 full day/2 half days retreat (arrive early Monday, work Monday after you arrive through midday Thursday, leave Thursday evening).

make TIME

Get the time you need… alone & with others who know your path.

to think

Work without distractions and unleash your creative potential.

and plan

Make your vision a reality… create plans and next steps on the spot!


is this for?

Full Time Entrepreneurs


are they in their businesses?

They are in a variety of places in their business… what they have in common is that they need dedicated time to think, plan and execute in order to take whatever step is right for them. Participants are often at one of three stages in their businesses: STEP BACK & SCALE, IDEATION, TIGHTEN & REFINE.


can I expect?

You can expect structured and unstructured time to work! There is a schedule that is designed to give you time to work on your own and time to work with others. You can move and flex within the suggested schedule to meet your own needs, taking most advantage of whatever works best for you in this moment!


are the goals and objectives?

There are three overarching goals. The retreat is structured so that you will:

1. Walk away with an actionable plan to meet your identified business/personal/creative goal
2. Feeling empowered to take the right next step
3. Feel like a connected part of a new community

For each stage a business owner might be in there are subgoals:

+ STEP BACK & SCALE: Use what you accomplish to LEVEL UP

+ IDEATION: Use what you accomplish to CLARIFY your vision

+ TIGHTEN & REFINE: Use what you accomplish to STRATEGIZE the right next step