In the past week, I’ve gotten a couple of key pieces of feedback on my website. One client that I’m working with to build HER website keeps referencing mine as an example of what she wants. And I have a new potential client who came to me asking about something that wasn’t explicitly listed as a service that I provide but one that is well within the scope of the work that I do and is in fact, something that I really enjoy doing.

This feedback has given me a lot of positive affirmation — it just FEELS good — but it’s also telling me that my website is really doing its job. So I wanted to talk quickly about the importance of having a website. And this applies to anyone who wants to get the message about what you do out into the world — whether that’s full time entrepreneurship or if you’re on that good side hustle grind.

+ It LITERALLY tells your story for you  |  If you’re like me and you’re multi-passionate, it can often take more than an elevator pitch to explain all that you’re interested in, all the services you provide, all the ways that you want to support others with your skills. Trying to fit that into an IG bio or a Twitter bio won’t work so having a place where folx can easily read about you is critical. 

It gives your network an easy way to support you  |  If you want your network to share your name and your services with THEIR network, your website is the #1 tool that you can give them. When someone in my network overhears a friend talking about needing a logo for their new venture, they can easily drop my web address into the conversation and expose a new person to all that I have to offer. Without an active website, THEY’D have to tell my whole story for me and that’s a burden that could be the difference between booking the new client or not.

+ It allows you to customize your first encounter with your ideal client  |  Don’t ever let anyone tell you that one size fits all with websites. It’s important that as you’re building your website, you are SUPER intentional about HOW you tell your story. You should think about WHO you want to be on your site, WHAT they need from you in the initial moments of finding out about you and HOW you can best convey to them that you’re the right person for them. So, if you’re a therapist or coach, it might be good to have a video or two on the site so that clients can get a sense of your energy, hear your voice and start to build trust with you. If you’re a copywriter, you better make sure that every word on your site is expertly chosen and fit together. If you’re a stylist, the entire feel of your site needs to be unique and speak clearly to your eye for design and composition.

A website can be a powerful tool to accomplish your goals — whatever they may be. Whether you work with a designer or not, consider these tips when it’s time to build your digital home.