The planner designed to help you #begreat! Enough structure to guide you but not so much that it can push you around. Read more below.

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thePLANbook has four sections. At the start of the book, you’ll find one double-sided page with three columns of 3-line segments. Use this for passwords, contacts, goals, tracking… anything you need to access regularly. Then, with the year’s worth of monthly pages, plan out your year.

In the main section, on the right side of each page, you’ll find the [Priorities] column which is your to do list. Write down tasks as they come to you then use the blank space between the task and the checkbox to number your list.  On the left side, you have one box with a blank heading space. Use it however you like! Check-in topics for a standing meeting. Separate list for a project that needs special attention. List of calls that you need to make. Whatever makes sense for you. At the bottom, you have room for any and all [Notes].  Then, since each page is double sided with lined notepaper, you have a full sheet across from your daily page where your thoughts can live. Need more space than that? Flip to the back and use the lined notepaper behind the daily pages for even more space and write to your heart’s content.

thePLANbook helps you to be great because it keeps all your thoughts, notes, reminders, and much more in the same place,  while basically giving you the ability to customize your planner DAILY as you learn more about how you plan or as your workload changes.

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