I’ve worked with some great people and organizations over the years. Here’s a sampling of the impact of our work together… in their own words.

Alison’s execution skills are never without the fuel of her passion for the common good. Whether it is for impactful conversations, meaningful creative productions or consultation for branding and marketing strategies, she brings her heart and hands to the table. The world is better when she is at work.

Diamone Ukegbu

Artist. Podcaster. Creative.

Alison is a very talented and skilled communicator. Her digital expertise and storytelling skills make her the perfect speaker for our events. It’s a pleasure working with her and her energy and commitment is a boon to any team she’s on. I look forward to future partnerships and highly recommend her for any project or company!

Leslie Garrett

Organizational Effectiveness Senior Associate, People & Culture, Grant Thornton LLP

Alison is point blank the greatest leader I have ever had the pleasure of working for. 

She taught me how to be a leader that empowers even the most novice team member to be confident in their role. She very clearly communicates expectations, while also helping every member of her team find the place where they can do their best work. The organizational culture that Alison created at Teach For America promoted operational excellence, shared responsibility, and constant learning and growth. 

Alison has a multi-dimensional way of approaching issues that even the smartest engineers I’ve worked with have not been able to match. She is both creative and productive, and brings out these qualities in the people around her. She is an expert at focusing a team’s energy towards the most efficient and effective way to tackle a problem. Her attention to detail is unparalleled, and the way she prides herself in the quality of even the smallest elements of her work is inspirational. Her imagination works in tandem with her experience in graphic design to give her the ability to execute on a creative vision masterfully. 

Alison is also a gifted and personable communicator who can make a coffee chat feel as productive as a business meeting or make work communication seem like lively and engaging conversation among friends.

All in all, she is a model of leadership, creativity, empowerment, and efficiency. She puts everything she has into her work, and inspires people to be the best they can be.

Juan Rincon

Co-Executive Director, Troy Camp at USC

Our start-up solicited Alison’s support because of her impeccable reputation as a graphic designer who can communicate an organization’s purpose and visual brand in a simple, clean, creative way. What we have received in our work with her has far surpassed what we could have imagined. Alison has helped my cofounder and I to not only streamline our vision and values, but to strengthen our foundation by clarifying our audience, services, and launch plan. All of these have been instrumental in helping us plan to scale our audience and revenue in the future with ease. She has been more than a graphic designer for us—Alison is a strategic thinker who can help individuals and organizations alike to clarify and communicate their complex ideas.

Alison has been a great help with creating and honing in on the vision of our brand. She dives in and helps me think of all the possibilities, while also building my confidence as a first time entrepreneur. I have appreciated all of the feedback and insight she’s given me so far!

Myeshia Bryant & Zahirah Calloway

Co-Founders, Mino Learning Collaborative

Alison is a creative genius, strategic mastermind, and detail-oriented executor. I’ve worked with Alison both while she led the planning and execution of Institute, a massive 5-week event, and also while planning something as light as our office holiday party. Her work is both thoughtful, often blending her creative design skills, strong operational mindset, and people-centered values to create impeccable products and processes. Alison brings the same level of enthusiasm, care, and dedication to excellence to both projects. This speaks to not only her incredible and diverse talents but also to her character and the type of team member she is. Alison’s commitment to excellence is that which brings everyone along for the ride. Excellence is achieved when every team member is able to function at their best and she works formally and informally to ensure that this is true of our team. For these reasons, I’d follow Alison’s leadership “over a cliff”.

Arohi Bhatt

Director, Adult Learning at Teach For America | Founder of Radiant Womxn

There is literally no one I would want leading operations and communicating about systems and logistics to my staff more than Alison. She is a strategic thinker who is able to craft clear messaging with exceptional clarity, precision, beauty and the perfect amount of humor/levity. She attended to the smallest detail of the events she planned for our team so that everything was aligned to our broader mission, made disparate teams feel connected and valued, and provided an air of professionalism to our staff and stakeholders. 

Sarah Morrill


As someone who has been mentored and coached by Alison in professional and personal settings, I can vouch that her gifts lie in providing others with coaching as well as organizational and planning tools to support her mentees and clients to reach their fullest potential.

Irene Vailikit


I worked on large scale events with Alison over the course of two years. Alison not only led the coordination of travel and housing for everyone who would be attending the events and program but also had such a clear and compelling vision for events that translated into incredibly intentional details where attendees felt connected to the purpose of the events and to each other.

Tyler Apman

Operations Project Associate, Success Academy Charter Schools