Creative Retreat: Day 2 — Writing Prompt, “Write about being loved.”

I’ve only had one pet as an adult and that was a cat so I would say that I’m OKAY with cats. My cat and I came together in what I honestly think of as a weak moment. I was having one of those moments when your life just FEELS great, ya know? It was a beautiful day, I was sitting outside hanging out with a great friend… I was the master of my destiny! (Okay, not really but you know what I mean.) I was sitting on the hood of a car and a random cat jumped in my lap. Now, most ppl wouldn’t take that to mean “Adopt this cat” but that’s what my spirit told me to do, so I listened. Up to that point, I’d really just been indifferent about cats. After that point, I fell in love with MY cat and all other cats got promoted to something like LIKE.

Lance, on the other hand, LOVES cats. His mom loves showing me pictures of Lance as a baby/toddler/middle schooler and in almost all of them, he’s either hugging, petting or lying on or near a cat. They’d had cats their entire lives and the period of time living with me is likely the longest he’s gone without having a cat at home. He has two cats that live with his parents and when we go there, if he doesn’t go find and cuddle them right away, his mom always asks, “Have you gone to see your children yet?”.

Like I said, Lance LOVES cats.

Being loved by Lance (as a human!) sometimes feels like this. He regularly reaches out to touch my face or rub my ear. He showers me with hugs and cuddles. We’re very content to lie all over each other watching a movie or discussing the day. 

I love the way he loves me… so, thanks to all the cats from his early life for the lessons from which I’m now benefitting.